Shortlisted for Technological Innovation of the Year 2019 Recruiter Awards

With the module-based system, you can choose the modules which best suit the needs of your business, controlling and managing the recruitment process through a single touch point.

Vencuro is a leader in recruitment technology. The bespoke, single sign-on system gives you full visibility and control over your end-to-end recruitment process.

making recruitment simple.

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Fully customisable. Choose the modules which best suit your business or implement the complete solution.

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Manage your recruitment process through a single touchpoint.

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The modules.

Bespoke dashboards built to customers specifications.

Vencuro Dashboard

Vencuro Time

Vencuro Talent

Real time information providing full visibility of your contractors.

Seamlessly manages the end-to-end recruitment process.

Vencuro Time.

Vencuro Time captures hours worked against live assignments and preapproved rates, transforming it into real time information for end users, providing accuracy and eliminating errors.

With full visibility of the contractors you are responsible for, you can keep track of who and what you’re approving, and query time submitted.

Everything is time-stamped which allows the process to be completely auditable.

Vencuro Talent.

Vencuro Talent’s sophisticated and interactive technology solution seamlessly manages the end-to-end recruitment process.

  • Monitor the approval of requisitions, giving you control over costs as jobs are added to the system.
  • Suppliers can access a secure area of the system to upload CVs.  
  • Clients are able to assign attributes to candidates. This allows users to search for candidates with specific key skills. 

Vencuro Dashboard.

With Vencuro Dashboard you will have access to contract performance data in real-time, including spend, headcount, time to hire, KPI attainment and much more.

The bespoke build offers customers a dashboard built to their specification displaying a detailed visual representation of the data they want to see.

"The implementation of Vencuro was provided with thorough training support and consultation, ensuring that the Vencuro solution and the dashboards were fully configured to our own requirements. 

The tailored online dashboards have not only improved our performance reporting capability but also our ability to analyse the direct and indirect cost savings our Morson managed service provides. The best bit is it is so simple to use - a few clicks and we have access to all our information requirements!"

Vicky Watson, HR Business Partner | Tata Chemicals Europe

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Meet all your business intelligence needs with Vencuro.

Manage your recruitment process through a single touchpoint.

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