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Excellence through performance

The Vendor Management client module (vencuro) has been designed to take users through an interactive on-line recruitment process.

The system has a number of key features that includes managing each stage of the sourcing process within a dynamic multi-user environment; vencuro includes time saving characteristics such as cloning jobs templates; viewing CV’s online; organising and selecting candidate interviews, etc.

All job vacancies are hosted online and access is gained through a secure entry point via dedicated IP authentication processes.

This enables external suppliers to submit CV’s within this shared data environment so information can be reviewed and processed in the click of a mouse. You can even follow each stage of the offer process online.

Candidates submitted through vencuro are stored and retained on the system therefore there is no need to print CV’s or duplicate paper copies; the system has been designed to promote a seamless and interactive transactional experience. Other key benefits include the ability to trace historical events and information through quick and easy data retrieval mapping, bridging time gaps and avoiding any data submission errors.


Instantly available anywhere Vencuro requires no downloads and no files to install. A user only requires a login, a web browser and the ability to view MS Word documents to view cvs.
The vencuro platform takes the user intuitively through the authorisation and recruitment process. The user is prompted by the system for any actions required and the step by step wizard guides the user to the next stage in the process.
Supply partner protocols, services level agreements, system level defined KPI’s and strict procedures on supply ensures Vencuro quality of supply.
Vencuro leaves your organisation free to concentrate on your core business. Vencuro will take care of all supplier relationship management including providing performance management reporting.
Cost Control
The cost reduction potential is two fold. Direct cost reduction in rate control and complete margin transparency as well as reduction of operational administration cost by only having one direct supplier. Other areas of improvement include time saved from internal duplication and back office accounts administration. Overall, better budget control and financial as well as resource forecasting.
Online Authorisation
Vencuro offers a pre-recruitment module for controlling the authorisation of vacancies before release to suppliers. Fully customisable to meet your company’s needs; this module offers greater control over standard non-compliant recruitment practices. With automatic email prompting and fully auditable, this is a valuable addition for your purchasing department.
Whether you require top level overview of the recruitment situation, a medium level breakdown of activity or want to know every single action recorded against a job; Vencuro will give you the answer. Everything is recorded and viewable at both summary and detailed level.
Fire & Forget
Vencuro changes your recruitment from labour intensive, and time consuming process to a single easy solution; we will even prompt you when it needs your input. So all you have to do is send your request, and leave the rest up to Vencuro.
Management Information
Tailored management information is an integral part of your Vencuro managed solution. Standard information will be available to you through our portal; specialist reports will be made accessible from your own, secure online file share area.